fotballblogg and friend’s EURO competition 2008

Not a lot of posts here lately. Among other things this i because I found out that I should make the fun, but complex and administrative excel sheet from the 2006 World Cup on web. I have never made anything (on web) before, and found out that Ruby on Rails was the best choice for this…

Finally we have managed to get it published (not straight forward to find someone with mongrel and RoR 2.0.2 installed at their server). The solution is slightly web 1.0 (retro or back to basic if you want) and lack ease of use, graphical design and some functionality, but I think it will work for our purpose:-)

What to do:

  • Go into our EURO 2008 competition
  • Make a new user
  • Make one(!) new matchbetting. NB: It is possible to make several bets, but that will probably get other parts of the system to behave strangely. And in our social democratic world it is one man, one bet. There will be given 2 point to have the right result (1X2 or HUB) and an extra bonus point to have the result correct.
  • Then you can make a group-bet. To gain points here you need to put in a number between 1 to 4, but it is possible to have more than one team on the same place. The numbers in this grid gives you the points and goals from what you have betted in your matchbetting, but you don’t have to bet the same. Each right place will gain you 2 points.
  • There is also 3 extra bonus questions, and in true Super Mario spirit these are for now hidden:-) A hint is found here (needs to be logged in) I am thinking of making a link:-)
  • Then you are finished. Hurray.

There is possibilities to group the participants together in GROUPS. Nice. This is done by having one person that I trust as admin of the group, and this person will administrate his group. Visma will have a group, the big tippeliga competition will have a group, then off course fotballblogg’s friend will have a group, and then all of us will be a group. Others just need to send a mail to lars (at) to get their own group.

Groups and Events will be closed for bets on Saturday. Then matches can be updated up until they start. You are betting on the final stage all ready no, but this can off course be changed.

The points we have decided on can also be changed, but then I need some inputs. Please use the comment field! Please send me an e-mail or post in the comment field if you find errors. I know that editing group placement isn’t working today, but I am hoping to get this to work this afternoon.